Where To Buy Compost Worms

Where To Buy Compost Worms

Some of our new composters have been having trouble finding compost worms recently. Here are a few helpful tips for finding worms, from local breeders to big businesses!

Jump online

Thank goodness for the internet! These days, good worm retailers are just a simple google search away. Try thinking about whether you want to buy from a larger company or go local, though. They're both great options, but knowing what you're looking for will help your search.

Going Local

We like to go local whenever we can! To find compost worms locally (and often at a cheaper price) try sites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. There are also avid composters on many gardening forums, like Grow Hub, that would be happy to sell you a few composting worms to get you started.

Large Retailers

If you google “buy composting worms” a lot of larger companies pop up no matter where you are, and most will offer shipping. Compost worms are safe to be in the mail for 4-5 days, but try to make sure you’re home to collect your worm delivery - and get express shipping if it’s an option.

We'd like to stock our own compost worms in the future, but right now we're busy working on exciting products for the Subpod community. If you're still having trouble finding compost worms near you, reach out to us at hello@subpod.com and we'll do our best to help!