Subpod Essentials Bundle
Subpod Essentials Bundle
Subpod Essentials Bundle
Subpod Essentials Bundle
Subpod Essentials Bundle
Subpod Essentials Bundle
Subpod Essentials Bundle

Subpod Essentials Bundle

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Our Essentials bundle is the perfect option for a keen gardener! Subpod plants directly into your garden and creates compost right where you need it most, while the Subpod Compost Aerator keeps your system perfectly maintained.

  • Smell-free and pest-proof
  • Composts up to 15kg of food waste a week
  • Suitable for households of 1 - 6
  • Dual compost chambers
  • Effortless 5-minute-a-week maintenance
  • x2 Extra thick worm blankets included

Composting your food waste can be simple.

Out-dated compost systems are usually difficult to use, smelly, and tough to keep pests out of, which is why we invented Subpod. Worms and odourless microbes thrive together inside Subpod, teaming up to compost your food waste lightning fast.

One Subpod can compost the food waste from a family of 4 every week! Just plant it in your garden, add in your worms and you’re on your way. The holes around Subpods’ base allow for your compost worms to travel into the garden soil, where they spread nutrients and keep things aerated.

Air is needed in soil and compost to keep good bacteria alive. Subpod has a patented ventilation system which keeps it smell-free, but it still needs a little help from you. Our Aerator is the perfect addition to help you care for your compost so your worms stay happy little composters.

You don’t have to compromise on beauty in your garden, compost with Subpod. Learn more about the Subpod design here.

1 x Subpod
1 x Aerator

How it works

Subpod works like a little compost factory. Your compost worms, and the beneficial microbes that live alongside them, are the workers! They take food scraps and carbon items (like paper, leaves and coconut peat) and turn it all into rich compost that builds soil and helps plants thrive.

Being underground, Subpod creates a natural environment for compost worms. Having access to the soil means they can feed and breed as rapidly as they like, because there’s always room for their population to grow. Soil is an insulator, and in hot weather, compost worms will instinctively escape into soil to cool down. As the weather turns cold, it will keep your worms warm and active during winter (as long as the soil doesn’t freeze). Every time your worms leave Subpod, their movement aerates your garden soil and increases its nutrient content.

Subpod is an aerobic system, which means it promotes odourless microbes to boost the composting process, not smelly anaerobic ones. The unique 360 ventilation below Subpods’ lid keeps fresh air cycling through your system and, with weekly aeration, your compost will only ever smell like a forest floor.

Length 75cm x Width 45cm x Height 43cm

As per the diagram, 32cm of your subpod will be buried and 11cm will be above ground