Composting your food waste can be simple.

Out-dated compost systems are usually difficult to use, smelly, and tough to keep pests out of, which is why we invented Subpod. Worms and odourless microbes thrive together inside Subpod, teaming up to compost your food waste lightning fast.

One Subpod can compost the food waste from a family of 4 every week! Just plant it in your garden, add in your worms and you’re on your way. The holes around Subpods’ base allow for your compost worms to travel into the garden soil, where they spread nutrients and keep things aerated.

Air is needed in soil and compost to keep good bacteria alive. Subpod has a patented ventilation system which keeps it smell-free, but it still needs a little help from you. Our Aerator is the perfect addition to help you care for your compost so your worms stay happy little composters.

You don’t have to compromise on beauty in your garden, compost with Subpod. Learn more about the Subpod design here.