Subpod for Schools

Help Your Students Grow!

A school composting program doesn’t just grow a garden…

Your students grow too.

They develop connections with the great outdoors. They begin to appreciate the concept of sustainability. They learn about the ecosystem we’re a part of and how to protect it.

They become empowered.

With the sun on their faces and soil between their fingers, they go on a composting journey of discovery and exploration. Of bonding and teamwork, of environmental engagement.

A Journey of Growth.

Meet Subpod

Subpod is an in-ground compost system that lives in your school garden. It’s home to worms and microbes that turn organic food waste into a nutrient-rich compost, the best natural fertiliser imaginable.

Being submerged in the soil, Subpod allows worms and microbes to move freely between it and the soil around it. This builds soil fertility and helps grow healthy, lush plants.

Subpod is pest-proof, odour-proof and super easy to use. It won’t take long for your students to master the Subpod way!

Helping Save The Planet

As well as being fun and engaging, having a Subpod worm farm set up at your school helps protect planet earth. Food waste is a big problem in schools.

A school of 300 kids creates about 34-kilograms or 84-lbs of food waste per week just from classroom snacks!

Thousands of tonnes of school food waste ends up in landfill, where it slowly decomposes. As it does, it introduces the harmful greenhouse gas methane into the atmosphere. A gas that's 25x more powerful than carbon dioxide!

One Subpod Classic can compost fifteen kilograms, or 30-litres, of food waste per week. A few of these will put a serious dent in your school's waste going to landfill. Ten Subpods running at full capacity, and you’re composting 7.8-tonnes of food waste every year. That’s an elephant sized contribution to fighting climate change! (Actually… It's two elephants!)

Powerful Cross Curriculum Learning

A school composting setup is a powerful tool in introducing your students to sustainable patterns of living.

It helps them make the link between the food they eat and where it comes from. They learn how dependent we are on the natural world, and the importance of preserving it for future generations.

Governments around the world have recognised this, and often there are council or state incentives to help kickstart your school composting project. Check in with your local council and see what’s on offer!

What Teachers are Saying

See what teachers at Lindesfarne Grammar School have to say about their experience composting with Subpod at school.

A School Composting Case Study

Lindisfarne Grammar School in Northern New South Wales, Australia, is strongly committed to sustainability education.

To them, the fight against climate change begins moulding the next generation of minds into sustainable thinking. And they use Subpod to help do this!

They have a network of 42 Subpods installed around the school grounds, with a team of students feeding the worm farms with school food waste.

The kids love it. The staff love it. The planet loves it.

Check out this video about the project below.

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