Feed #112 – Scientists discover a new species of fungi & our new courses are ready to browse!

Feed #112 – Scientists discover a new species of fungi & our new courses are ready to browse!

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An entirely new species of fungi has been discovered in Scotland

In just a few teaspoons of soil from a Scottish national park, scientists have discovered a completely new species of fungi!

Our own planet is full of many mysteries waiting to be discovered. In fact, gardening is a little like a science experiment. If you plant two varieties of tomatoes in the same garden, you can accidentally create a new variety just through cross-pollination! And while we peer deeper into space every day, there’s a whole universe of microscopic life waiting to be explored in the soil beneath our feet.

The UK’s James Hutton institute took soil samples from 55 of the 58 mountains in the Cairngorms national park, as part of a study to see what effects climate change and air pollution was having on the soil life in the remote highlands. DNA extracted from the soil revealed it contained almost 3,000 fungal taxa, 2 of which have never been found in the UK – and one an entirely new species!

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