Garden Wear by Subpod

We come from grassroots country, where the people wear soil on their hands with pride. Our Garden Wear range is for everyone who spends their days in the dirt and believes in fighting for the planet.

The environmental passion of the ‘60s and ‘70s was carried by the vintage styles we know and love. Now, over 60 years on, the drumming heartbeat of that movement is stronger than ever and calling for greener fashion. We’re bringing soil love back with Subpod Garden Wear.

Made for the future

Crafted from hemp and organic cotton textiles, our line of eco apparel is produced in a Fair Wear certified solar-powered factory. Made to last for years to come, and compost down when the time comes.

Inspired by the past

Peace, love and a better earth. We designed our range in Byron Bay, the heart of Australia’s grassroots capital, where the essence of the 60’s and 70’s environmental movement is still alive and strong.


Our unisex styles are created with a vintage inspired t-shirt block, slightly boxier than your average contemporary cut. The perfect unisex shape.


These loose-fitting tees flow down from the shoulder in a soft, sturdy cascade of fabric. Make (and feel) a difference in our organic cotton and ethical hemp blends.

Antibacterial & UV Resistant

Hemp is the ultimate gardenwear fabric. Naturally antibacterial and UV resistant, it’ll keep you just that little bit safer outdoors.

Sustainable Packaging

100% Compostable, made from Recycled Paper printed with soy ink.

Our Fabrics


Cultivated in the mountains of Northern China, this luxurious textile can be woven soft and fine or thick and durable. Hemp is one of the strongest natural fibres, and its antibacterial, UV resistant properties make it ideal for enduring outdoor garments and accessories.

Hemp is naturally organic and requires no herbicides or pesticides. It’s a high biomass crop that uses 50% less water than conventional cotton and sequesters large amounts of carbon, trapping 1.63 tonnes of CO2 per tonne of hemp harvested. Simply put? Hemp threads help our planet.

100% Organic Cotton

Handpicked with care, organic cotton creates threads that are uniquely strong and velvet soft to the touch. Conventional cotton fibres are damaged before they’re even processed, degraded with harsh chemicals and roughly machine harvested. Organic cotton is the new standard in cotton clothing.

A tee made from regular cotton uses 2,168 gallons of water, where organic cotton uses just 186 gallons, 80% of which comes from rainfall. Pesticide and chemical-free, organic cotton is hypoallergenic, produces 46% less CO2 and guarantees safe working conditions for farmers. If you have a choice, go organic.

Shop the Collection

Feed The Soil T-Shirt

Feed the Soil, Feed the World is our company motto, and the mantra creating a new culture of composters and gardeners. We believe that everyone has the power to turn their food waste into rich compost. Bring awareness to the soil health issue and wear
your love for the planet, proudly.

Vege Love Pocket T-Shirt

The Vege Love unisex tee hangs softly off the frame in a timeless loose-fit style. Inspired by vintage embroidered fabric of the past, made sustainably for the future from Fair Wear certified organic cotton. Celebrate the beauty of vegetables, whether you’re out and about or settling in for a rainy day.

Grow Your Own T-Shirt

There's nothing more satisfying than growing your own food. Grow Your Own is a simple message that resonates in all aspects of our day-to-day life. It's a reminder to treasure the simple things, like the first Spring bloom or a homegrown meal. Wear this t-shirt and inspire others to grow their own.

Plant Seeds T-Shirt

This sustainably made tee captures the essence of the ’60s and ’70s, when caring about the earth and musical expression took a new turn. Enjoy the strength and breathability of hemp balanced with the velvet softness of freshly picked cotton. Perfect to wear while you play guitar and relax on Subpod in your garden.

Divert & Rebuild T-Shirt

The Divert and Rebuild design blends inspiration from banners at the original Earth Day Climate March, the yin and yang and the circular economy. Combined, it tells the story of Subpod’s ethos: Divert Waste, Rebuild Soil, Grow Food and Feed People.

Gardeners Wide Brim Hemp Hat

Our Gardeners Wide Brim Hat is the perfect outdoor all-rounder. Naturally UV and mould-resistant, hemp canvas will keep your head covered through sun or spray. One size fits all, with an adjuster around the band to help you cinch it in for a snug fit.

Labour of Love Bucket Hat

Food is medicine, keeping us healthy, active and connected to the earth. The Labour of Love bucket hat celebrates vegetables with a classic vintage feel. Made from heavyweight organic cotton canvas that will last a lifetime, it’s the right pick for any vegetable lover.

Feed The Soil Cap

Bring awareness to the global soil health issue. This cap features our embroidered motto: “Feed the Soil, Feed the World” and is sure to be a conversation starter. Made sustainably from a softer hemp canvas,
perfect for the casual gardener or eco-warrior.

Feed the Soil. Feed the World.

One person composting with Subpod changes a life – 20,000 people composting with Subpod changes the world. When we wear Subpod Garden Wear, we spread a message of recycling waste, growing food and living more sustainably. Help us make a world where composting is as normal as taking out the trash.

Stand with Subpod

Whether you compost with Subpod or grow herbs on your apartment windowsill, you can stand with us. Stand for the environment, for fighting the desertification of our planet, and for a green solution to the global waste problem.