Modern design
meets traditional living, with Subpod

Subpod Specifications

Length 75cm x Width 45cm x Height 43cm

Subpod weight

Made from the safest plastic on the market, polypropylene, Subpod is lightweight for shipping and extremely durable once buried.

Chamber capacity
Up to 200kg

Designed for the home - just one Subpod has enough space for a family of 4 to compost their food waste daily!

Emission offset
2.24 tonnes CO2

Save the same amount of CO2 you'd produce charging 285,672 phones, or driving 8,945 kilometres.

Worms required
1,000 - 2,000

We recommend starting off with at least 1,000 - 2,000 worms, but the more the merrier!


The best seat in the house

A garden is more than just a place to grow - it’s a place to go. A place to relax, be with nature, and enjoy the sun. Which is why we designed Subpod to blend in seamlessly with any green space. Subpod is more than just a smell-free underground composting system. It’s a comfortable, easily customizable seat that can support up to 150kg of weight. Compost your food scraps all year round and enjoy your garden, your way!


Worm flow

We believe in living in harmony with nature. Subpod’s unique design lets your worms live in the soil, the way they’re meant to. Underground, your compost worms are safe from the sun and can choose to travel from the life-hub of the Subpod, out into your garden. Just like a forest floor, they will nurture and aerate your garden’s soil, before heading home to eat. Improve your gardens’ health, and grow more veggies, with less work.


Air flow

Smelly compost? It’s not something you need to worry about with Subpod. The key to healthy compost is air, and with a unique 360-degree ventilation system, your compost will get plenty of that! Fresh air flows in, and stale air can flow out before it ever turns sour. We designed the size of the Air Flow holes so they could keep out any common pest. Keep your compost smell-free and healthy, with Subpod.


In-ground system

It’s time to bring composting out into the light, and make it a feature of your garden! Say goodbye to those big black compost bins roasting in forgotten corners, Subpod’s in-ground design means it can seamlessly blend in with any environment. Whether it’s resting in your garden ready for harvest, nestled in as a cafe seat helping to clean plates, or subtly hidden under some beautiful ferns, you get to choose how Subpod suits you! No more overheated, ruined compost. Just the fresh stuff - safe in the ground, ready whenever you need it, right where you want it.


The basics of composting right there in your lid

We’ve taken the guesswork out of compost. Many old-school compost systems are challenging to maintain, and there’s a lot of trial and error when you start. Subpod is completely beginner-friendly, with easy to follow instructions on how to feed and care for your worms right on the lid. We’re more than just a compost company; we’re a growing community that’s invested in your success. If you ever need help, you’ll have the whole Subpod team right there to support you.