Ginger Zee shows off Subpod on Good Morning America!

Ginger Zee shows off Subpod on Good Morning America!

In a recently aired segment on Green Landscaping for the Home, Ginger Zee gifted a Subpod Grow Bundle to a family who wanted to make some changes to their home that would help the planet.

We feel starstruck! Seeing Subpod shared on national television is a dream come true in our quest to normalise no-fuss composting. But it's not the first we've heard about Ginger's love for what we do.

In this episode of The Subpodcast, we spoke to Ginger Zee about her experience as a storm chaser, the changing climate and her suburban garden patch – Subpod included!

After over 20 years chasing some of the largest natural disasters across the globe, Ginger has witnessed first hand our changing climate. Natural disasters are never particularly mild, but in recent years there's been a rise in their severity.

Two years ago, Australia experienced one of the worst bushfire seasons we've had on record, larger than both the California and Amazon fires in the same year combined – and doubled!

Despite the large scale destruction of the events Ginger has witnessed, and the increasing threat of climate disaster, she remains an abundantly cheerful and optimistic person.

"I do a segment called 'It's Not Too Late' because I genuinely believe that. Even in Biscayne Bay... one of those places where environmentally we have pushed it to its brink, where we saw one of the largest fish kills ever. There are places like Tampa Bay right across the state of Florida that, even though it took 40 years, they got their Bay back. Where there's a will, there's a way, right?"

Ginger believes that people have the power to make a big difference with their actions. From swapping out their lawns (which don't do much for the environment) with more ecologically diverse landscaping – to composting their food scraps.

We were also delighted to spot one of our very own Subpods in Ginger's backyard last year, when she filmed a small segment on her composting experience with Good Morning America.

"We could reduce billions of tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, if we just got rid of our food waste."

It's not just tackling climate change that Ginger is passionate about, though. With her young adult fiction trilogy Chasing Helicity, Ginger hopes to inspire children and teens to fall in love with science and meteorology.

After releasing a best selling autobiography, Natural Disasters: I cover them. I am one. Ginger has opened up dialogues about mental health, her career, finding self love and learning to weather life's storms. Not bad for a self proclaimed "not a writer".

"I never considered myself a writer. But when I got into journalism after getting my scientific degree, I obviously had to write and I learned how to write – at least for television. I know I was writing the whole time, but I just still would tell people, 'Oh yeah, I'm not a writer.'

So when I was pregnant with my, now almost five-year-old, I was looking for baby books about the weather. And there were really very few that were well done that were accurate. And I was like, 'You know what? I have this platform to create a legacy of being a science writer. I should do it.'"

To hear how Ginger went from that idea to publishing her fiction trilogy, give our latest Subpodcast episode a listen! It's a delightful insight into her energetic and passionate mind.

Join Ginger in the fight against waste!

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