Save $70 with a compost rebate from Brisbane City Council

Save $70 with a compost rebate from Brisbane City Council

Good news Brissie residents – you get to save up to $70 off your Subpod thanks to a new compost rebate program from the Brisbane City Council!

The council wants to encourage all Brisbanians to reduce their household food waste and lower the city's contribution to landfill. And they've create this compost rebate program as a lovely incentive to help out!

To be eligible for a rebate, you just need to be a resident of the Brisbane area! Here are the steps to claiming:

  • 1. Watch a few short educational clips on composting and fill in a simple questionnaire on your chosen compost method.

  • 2. Order your compost system of choice, and hang on to the receipt as proof of purchase. When you order with Subpod your receipt will be emailed, so no need to worry about that.

  • 3. Complete an online form through the council website to claim your rebate!

Not a bad way to earn $70 and help the planet while you're at it, is it?

Councils offering programs like this are doing an outstanding job in recognising that we need to reduce our household waste as a country. Not everyone has the funds available to get started, but we hope that more of these programs will continue to pop up throughout Australia to assist those in need.

Whatever your reason for composting, if you live in Brisbane you should definitely take advantage of this fantastic offer.

How much you can save on a Subpod with the rebate?

Sold out

$229 with rebate!

Sold out

$104 with rebate!

The rebate is eligible with any order of a compost system. If you want to start growing food and composting together, our Grow Bundle is the perfect all-rounder for a new gardener, but the choice is yours!

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