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We are sad to announce that Subpod is closing its doors after helping over 65,000 people in 20 countries turn their food waste into soil food.

Thank you for your support. Please take advantage of our closing down sale and keep composting!

Please note, during our closing down process we will continue to ship orders as normal, however all sales are final and we will not be accepting return or refund requests unless there is a product fault.

Classic vs Mini

What's the right Subpod for you?

Household size

1-3 people

4-8 people

Compost amount

Up to 22lbs of food waste p/w

Up to 44lbs of food waste p/w

Will fit inside

Grow Bag, Modbed, Grow Bed

Grow Bed

Below Ground Depth

12" underground

12" underground


19.4" L x 17.7" W x 16.9" H

29.5"Lx 17.7"Wx 16.9"H

What you can compost in Subpod

Fruit & Berries

Vegetables & Leafy Greens


Tea bags & Coffee Grounds

Egg Shells & Dairy

Bread, Grains & Nuts

Meat & Fish

(small amounts)

Paper, Cardboard and Leaves